International Women's Day 2020

Happy Women’s Day, Accra!

Happy Women’s Day to you all! I know this post comes a day after the initial celebration, but women are to be celebrated everyday! Yesterday was just extra extra special!

From the beginning of time, women have greatly influenced the world, and have made it what it is today. Without women, we’d be nowhere! Literally! Who would’ve birthed you?

“When a sleeping woman wakes, mountains move”

African proverb

All my life, I’ve been surrounded by women from day one, growing up in an all girls’ household. I’ve seen the realities of being a woman in today’s world and trust me, it’s not easy! Life in itself isn’t easy, but man, being a woman can be tough! However, we still rise, just as the Legendary Maya Angelou once said.

Women deserve to be celebrated each and every day and in honour of Women’s day, I have chosen to devote this week to 5 women across the continent who have inspired me in many ways. I will post one inspirational woman each day, to share their stories and hopefully inspire others.

This is Woman Crush Week! #WCW

Before I start, I must first dedicate this week to the woman who brought me into this world: my mother. She raised and taught me all I need to know. I will never be able to put how grateful I am into words, but she knows. I love you Ma, forever and always🤍🌹

Please note that I write in no particular order. WE ARE ALL QUEENS!

Look out for multiple posts this week! This is a little treat!

Thank you for reading!

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