International Women's Day 2020

Woman Crush Week : Day 1

On day 1 of WCW on A Stranger In Accra, I cover Patricia Bright. Read to find out more!

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright is a British-Nigerian youtuber/influencer/beauty guru. She started off on Youtube about 10 years ago and has not only managed to inspire millions across the globe as a beauty guru, but as an advocate for female empowerment and self-determination. I started following Patricia 6 years ago, and I’ve watched her evolve into the amazing woman she is today!

Why do I find Patricia so inspirational? Well, in the conventional world, women who enjoy beauty or fashion are often looked down on, as society views them as nothing but a pretty face. Their brains aren’t acknowledged, as having interest in beauty and fashion is seen as ‘shallow’. Patricia was no exception to these assumptions, as she was often ridiculed at work for her channel and love for all things beauty. She admits that she almost gave up as a result, but instead decided to kick these stereotypes down and prove that women can not only be interested in beauty, but be intelligent too! She is the living truth of the saying ‘a beauty with brains’.

As an Accounting and finance degree holder, Patricia has a passion for numbers and the logistics of money. This influenced her to launch her sister channel ,’The Break Platform’ in 2020, which is centered around, as she says, “finance, business, mindset and emotions” for “female improvement”. On this channel, she delves into topics such as taxes, investments, property and budgeting among many others. For the modern day woman, this may seem normal, but it shows how far women have come in terms of taking control of their lives in all aspects from finances to their careers.

“Here would be a great safe space for the girls who like that glamour and that fancy, but also want to dress their minds just as hard.”

Patricia Bright

Her podcast ‘Caught Off Guard’, which I religiously listen to, highlights women from all walks of life that tell stories of their hardships, successes and clueless moments. It allows women to learn from their fellow women’s experiences and lets each and every one of us know that we can all make it regardless of the barriers set against us.

Patricia is one of those women that strive to uplift other women, because she wants everybody to win and I appreciate her for that. Because of her groundbreaking efforts, I am inspired to not only put time into my looks, but my mind too.

“I’m one of those people who think that if one of us can win, we can all win.”

Patricia Bright

She proves that women can not only be amazing mothers, but also smart, capable, supportive of one another and independent! She is REAL!

Thank you for reading!

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