International Women's Day 2020

Woman Crush Week: Day 3

On day 3 of WCW on A Stranger In Accra, I cover Adelle Onyango. Read to find out more!

Adelle Onyango

Adelle Onyango is a Kenyan media personality and social activist. I’ve followed her for quite some time now, from when she hosted the mid-morning show on Kiss 100, a popular radio station in Kenya to when she left to start her own podcast known as ‘Legally Clueless’

However, it wasn’t until a few months ago that her positive influence on Kenya and the continent hit me.

Adelle has always been an outspoken being, always ready to stand for what she believes in and speak for the voiceless. Being a rape survivor has lit a fire in her to help those who have been through the same predicament.

She has spearheaded a number of projects such as ‘No Means No’ and ‘Sisterhood’, which not only empower women, offer counseling and safe houses, but also enlighten society about the realities of rape and rape culture.

“When I think back to my journey I am really grateful that my late mum encouraged me to go for therapy because I now know firsthand how important therapy is when healing from trauma.”

Adelle Onyango

Recently, she launched ‘Safe 247’, a program that aims to support 30 rape survivors through free therapy with trained professionals. It also offers them tool-kits which can be used even after the program ends, to aid in further recovery. An additional 50 survivors will be part of a support group, ensuring that they do not walk alone and always have someone to talk to. The program is funded by donations from the general public. Links to donate and learn more about the program will be provided at the end of the blog post.

Not only is Adelle paving the way to recovery for rape survivors, but also changing the way society views the heinous act. She speaks against victim blaming and shaming, as society in general often blames the survivor for getting raped instead of the rapist. Her activism has sparked conversations all over Kenya and Africa, which have led to a change in perspective when it comes to rape.

Adelle’s efforts are vital for the current and upcoming generation and have not gone unnoticed.

“I want to start conversations that help erase rape culture. Surviving rape made me very aware that there are elements in our culture that promote rape culture. I want involvement from men and women in these conversations to stop it.”

Adelle Onyango

As we have now observed, Adelle is one to keep the conversation going, and this led to her launching her podcast, ‘Legally Clueless’, in March 2019. In the intro, she says ” I have no clue what I’m doing and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.” Isn’t that something we can all relate to? We literally do not have everything in our lives together and a lot of the time, we’re genuinely clueless about what to do next. Here, she chronicles her life experiences and lets listeners know that it’s legal to be clueless (see what I did there?)

This podcast is really just a space for you and I to be as clueless as possible in a safe space and know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with us.

Adelle Onyango, Legally Clueless

On Legally Clueless, there is a feature known as #100AfricanStories, where Africans from all over the continent let the world into their lives and experiences. This aids in rewriting the story of Africa, which I touched on in the previous blog post that detailed Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Different sides of the continent are detailed in this feature and prove that Africa is more than the single story of the hopeless war and disease ridden land it’s often portrayed to be. It’s also a bonus that these stories are downright interesting and hilarious!

I listen to the podcast religiously and always look forward to new ones each and every Monday. Also, Legally Clueless turns one next week, on the 18th of March, so Happy Birthday Legally Clueless and well done, Adelle!!

Adelle also hosts another podcast known as ‘Pursepective’. Not Perspective, but PursePective.On this live-recorded podcast, she invites a panel and audience, consisting of both men and women, to talk about gender issues affecting our society. On here, she aims to spark conversation in order to inflict a change in society.

“I wanted a safe space for men and women to come together and just talk about the different experiences we go through living in this ‘man’s world’, because sometimes we have these conversations and they don’t really amount to much, hence the word ‘Pursepective’. So we’ll open up our purses and share all our experiences…

Adelle Onyango, Pursepective

Adelle aims to make the world a better place for women by sparking conversations on their rights and difficulties we face on a daily. She inspires others to speak out and be a voice for those who can’t, just as she does.

She is a force to be reckoned with and is what Africa needs and fortunately has. That is why she is my woman crush today!

Thank you for reading!

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