Quarantine & Chill

Accra, Let’s Quarantine & Chill!

I’ve decided to start the series ‘Quarantine and Chill’ for those that find it hard during this period of COVID-19. Read to find out more!

Happy Monday beautiful people!

I hope this blogpost finds you safe and sound. These past few weeks have not been easy due to the fast spreading COVID-19 virus. It’s a tragic situation and has left many of us stuck at home.

To be frank, I don’t mind staying at home. I’m quite the homebody and to add on to that, an introvert too, so this isn’t a problem for me.

However, I know that many people across the world are not like me and need to go out to feel sane. I feel for such people and if you’re one of them, I feel for you. Hang in there! 🤍

I’ve decided to start the series ‘Quarantine and Chill’ for those that find it hard during this time. I understand that quarantine is for individuals that are potentially positive, but it’s the general term people use for staying indoors, so I’ll use it.

I’ll be introducing new fun activities and mediums every week, that make this period bearable, from podcasts to books, series and many more!

It’s not that I’m not taking the situation seriously, but I see it as very necessary to calm people’s nerves and spread positive vibes. Nowadays, COVID-19 reports are all we see, from deaths to new cases and attempts to find a vaccine. It’s nice to take a break once in a while, and enjoy the beauty of life.

“You need to be able to manage stress because hard times will come, and a positive outlook is what gets you through.”

Marie Osmond

Living in these times has opened my eyes to life as a whole. Life is short. Life is fleeting. Life can change in seconds and you’ll never be able to turn back time. This is my appeal to you, to live the best life you can in the safest way possible, both in this time of COVID-19 and after. There will be an after. #FaithOverFear

Use this time to grow. Learn a new skill, read a book, listen to a podcast, read and share this blog!(wink wink)

“Life is beautiful. Look around. Don’t take anything for granted.”

Martha Williamson

This is also a reminder to:

  • Wash your hands
  • Use Alcohol-based sanitizers
  • Practice social distancing
  • Avoid hogging items at supermarkets. Only take what’s needed and necessary.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with tissue when coughing and dispose it after single use.
  • Not panic, but take necessary precautions.
  • Respect people of all nationalities. The virus does not belong to one people. It is a worldwide issue. We’re all in this together, so be respectful. You gain nothing from disrespecting others.
  • Have faith. Hope for the best. All is well.🤍

The series will officially kick off tomorrow. This is an introduction and basic reassurance that everything will be ok.

“Spread cheer, not germs. Wash your hands”


Have a beautiful day and be sure to be back tomorrow to chill in quarantine!!

Thanks for reading!

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