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Accra, Let’s Get Healthy!

This season has seen a spark in the healthy living trend, which is good. This post covers important things take with you during your health journey. Enjoy reading!

Hello beautiful people!!! How has your week been and how has it treated you? I hope it was positive and if not, things will get better. I know that’s cliché advice, but you can’t argue with a fact.

This season has seen a spark in the healthy living trend. People are realising the importance of being strong and healthy, which is a good thing. However, with this new spark, comes the likelihood of there being a fire, and fires aren’t good. What I mean is though people strive to live healthier lives, they may not understand how to, and things go left instead of right.

A number of issues that could arise as a result of misinformation or lack of knowledge on health are:

  • Eating disorders
  • Yoyo dieting
  • Malnutrition
  • Low self-esteem
  • Injuries

These are but a few. Many many other issues can come about.

But luckily, this Stranger, is here to save the day! Someone give me a superhero name. An original one, at that!

Here are a few tips for you to kick-start or continue your health journey.

Nowadays, the whole idea of ‘self love’ has become such a trend, but it’s a good one.

Most people, if not all, have spent time critiquing their physical appearance, because it doesn’t fit society’s or their standard of beauty. It’s so sad, but very true. I’m not afraid to say that I was one of these people.

However, at the end of the day, you must learn to accept your body for what it is. It will carry you through life and can’t be abandoned. It is more than your shadow. It may follow you like one, but is always present. day or night, light or darkness.

Love it for what it is, with all its stretchmarks, cellulite, flabby arms, skinny legs etc. Love it as it is and it will love you back. Your body will always love you. Think about it. Would you want to be around someone who critiques you 24/7, 365? No! You would feel horrible and start to detest them. Your body goes through the exact same thing. You’re the person critiquing it all day every day, but it still supports you, moves you around and enables you to do everything. So why don’t you love it?

With all that being said, I believe that we should not only love, but work on improving ourselves.

Loving your body goes hand in hand with improving it. It comes with accepting and appreciating your state at the moment, and being open to the changes that will occur. It comes with being patient and trusting the journey.

So love yourself. If you don’t who will?

Now that you know that you must love your body, you must learn how to understand it.

As of now, there are 3 known body types: Endomorph, Ectomorph and Mesomorph. These determine how you gain and lose weight, and how to go through your health journey.

  • The Endomorph Body type: People with this body type tend to gain weight relatively fast and find it hard to keep it off. They also tend to have more muscle mass than the other two types, and can build amazing muscle with an increase in physical activity.
  • The Ectomorph Body Type: People with this body type tend to find it incredibly hard to gain weight, but easy to lose. They also tend to have less muscle mass than the others. They struggle to gain muscle, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. They can eat all the food in the world, and remain the same.
  • The Mesomorph Body Type: This body type falls in between the two. People with this body type tend to be ‘fit’ and muscular looking. They however, gain weight and muscle relatively fast. They however, find it easier to lose weight compared to Endomorphs.

You can be a combination of these body types and that’s perfectly normal.

Take this quiz to find out your body type, and how to manipulate it to start your healthy journey! It applies to both men and women.

The most basic of all. Everyone’s like, “Drink water! Water is a lifesaver!” I know it can be so annoying, omg! But it’s a fact! Straight fact! Nothing helps you like water does. Have you ever been dehydrated? Trust me, it’s horrible. I was once dehydrated to the point of hospitalisation as a child, but we won’t get into that. It was traumatising!

Water not only refreshes you, but detoxes your body. It flushes out all the yuckiness inside and keeps things moving smoothly. This is essential to the kidneys, as they depend on water to do perform their job: waste removal.

An added benefit of drinking water is the benefits your skin gains. Your outer appearance is a reflection of your inner ‘appearance’. When you’re unable to detox by taking your 3L of water a day, it shows on your skin. Those toxins will expose themselves on your skin and trust me, it ain’t pretty! So get to drinking!

Water also prevents you from overeating, as sometimes you may actually be thirsty instead of hungry! Your stomach doesn’t have distinct calls for hunger or thirst. It just tells you “I need something!” So next time you feel hungry, drink some water and after 10 minutes, if you still feel hungry, go ahead and eat! FOOD IS AMEIZIN!

Your exercise performance is greatly improved when you’re hydrated. So if you intend on working out, drink up!

Now, can we stop with these fad diets? Cutting carbs out for good and wanting to lose 20kg in a week? Fam, it’s not worth it!

Being healthy is a lifestyle. It shouldn’t be a one time thing of “my wedding is in 6 months, so I’m going to stay off carbs and lose 100 kg.” By doing that, you’re basically telling your body that it is only worthy of the best, when events are at stake. Only because you want to look good in the eyes of others; not because you care for your health. Get rid of that mindset, hun. It’s not healthy.

Instead, set realistic goals. Take it day by day and one step at a time. It took time to get to your current state, and it will take time to get out. Transition takes time. Frankly speaking, it’s not easy. With challenge comes change, and with this, patience is mastered.

Make small goals. Little steps still get you to the end of the race.

For example, you can decide “This week, I’m going to at least 2L of water a day, and incorporate vegetables into every meal” It’s such a small goal, but it gets you so far. With time, you’ll see a difference. You may see your skin glow, experience consistent bowel movement and feel more energised! That’s an amazing step in your health journey!

Most people focus on their physical when they embark on a healthy journey, which is expected, as we critique what we see and observe. However, also focus on your gut health, mental health, sleep patterns etc. All these form and affect our overall health, so include these to make your goals realistic.

Just to add on to this, know that society’s standards should not be yours. You are your own standards, so make them. Set standards for yourself in all aspects of your life. For the ladies, we can’t all have small waists and big bums, and for the guys, you can’t all have rock hard abs and big biceps. THAT’S OK. We are all unique in our own ways! Own your uniqueness. OWN YOU.

You only have one body in this journey of life. Treat it right. Love it with all its perfect imperfections. Secure your insecurities, and own them!

Have a beautiful week guys! I hope you enjoyed this post and learned from it. Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading!

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