Dealing With Negativity In The World

The world has been going through the most this week! Many of us don’t know what to do with ourselves and are honestly drained. This post is for those that need a break. 🤍

Hey guys! How are you today? I hope this post finds you sound and well. Also, happy new month!

Honestly, is it really a ‘happy’ new month? Mh, I think not. So much has been going on in the world, from the murder of Tina Ezekwe in Nigeria, to that of George Floyd in the USA and Yassin Moyo in Kenya.

The world has never been fully positive, but it’s like nowadays, it’s just bad news after bad news after bad news. The evil of this world has taken countless innocent lives from us, and it hurts.

For the past week, my timeline has been flooded with news on the racial injustice in the USA, the incompetence of the Kenyan police force, and the outcry of Nigerians concerning police brutality and gender based violence.

It’s draining.

Though I like to think of myself as strong and able to handle the negativity the world spews, I can’t help but feel all the emotions. As an empath, it’s hard to disconnect from everything happening around me.

My mind has been blocked and I have been unable to write for this blog or post uplifting content on Instagram. I just can’t deal with the harsh realities of life and this world. It’s sickening to me.

I’m still trying to find ways to handle the constant bad news being thrown my way, but for now, let me share a few of my coping mechanisms.

  1. Take time off social media and news outlets. Take a break from all the reports. DON’T FEEL GUILTY for disengaging for a few hours or days. You deserve peace of mind and a healthy mental space. It’s ok to let go. Too much of anything is poisonous.
  2. Control what you watch/see. You don’t have to watch the graphic videos of the atrocities committed. If you come across something upsetting, don’t feel obliged to watch it. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Do I need to watch this?
    • What will I gain from watching this?
    • How will it affect me?
    • Can I handle it?
  3. Try to go back to your regular daily routine. It’ll probably be hard, because your mind may not be in the right space, but just try. I’m not saying that you should forget about what’s going on in the world and be selfish with yourself, but create that balance, Don’t drown in the negativity, and don’t drown in selfishness.
  4. Don’t let others guilt you into feeling like you’re not doing enough. I’ve been seeing a ton of posts from different social media warriors, who berate and criticize others for not doing ‘enough’. What exactly is ‘enough’? You shouldn’t feel forced to announce your allegiance to the whole world if you don’t want to. You can do it in your own little way and that’s fine. DON’T BE GUILT TRIPPED INTO DOING SOMETHING YOU DON’T WANT TO!! Do what you feel is right, and what comes from your heart. What others think is besides the point!

These are the few things that have helped me during these trying, unprecedented times. I’m currently practicing number 3, and writing this post is one way I’m doing it.

If you can’t practice all 4 steps, I challenge you to try at least one. It’s hard but PUSH HARDER! 🤍

These are some links to sign petitions pertaining to the atrocities going on in the world:

Have a blessed week guys! Pray for humanity, pray for the world!🤍

Thanks for reading!

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10 replies on “Dealing With Negativity In The World”

This spoke directly to me.. it’s a tough time to be someone who must discuss these matters and it can really be draining. Thanks so much for the encouragement 😍

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Thank you very much for the help with coping. I am honestly tired of social media right now. I have not even been able to watch the video of Floyds abuse by the cops…. Not that I feel guilty, but I’m just not cut out to watch such things. Some people try to make me feel bad because I haven’t joined the chain of “social media race-justice activists”….. Some even go to extent of saying that not posting a black photograph makes you a traitor to your race but that’s nonsense in my opinion. That’s not proof of my loyalty. And I stand for justice in general, not justice for my race only. I just had to get this out. It was getting frustrating to contain. But I’ll take your advice, thanks again

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I sense the frustration in you comment. I really really do. Don’t let anyone put you down for showing allegiance in your own way. It’s ok to be unique. Let me know how following my advice goes and know that all shall be well🤍

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I totally relate to this post. So so much has been happening and my mind feels like it’s spiraling out of control. Thanks so much for posting this and I will most definitely try and practice one of the four tips🤍 thank you Stranger 🤍

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Oh man, it shall be well. It WILL be well🤍🤍 let me know how coping goes. Remember to move at your own pace. P.s I love the fact that you called me Stranger😂😂🙈🙈🙈 thank you for reading ✨✨


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