Don’t Be Afraid to Call Yourself Out!

Where do we draw the line between self love and self sabotage?

Hey guys! How are you doing today? I hope everything’s great with you!

I’m ok, to say the least. Much better than last week, for sure! Here’s to better days ahead!

Anyways, let’s get into today’s topic.

Self love and excuses…

Nowadays, the concept of ‘self love’ is being taught everywhere. It’s almost impossible to go through your Instagram or Facebook feed without seeing something about self love.

One of the key pillars of self love is self acceptance, which is self explanatory: you accept yourself the way you are, flaws and all. This isn’t a bad concept, because we all need to be our own cheerleaders and if we don’t accept ourselves, then who will?

Though the concept of self love and acceptance is good, it has gotten to the point where people use it to excuse their bad habits and behaviours. For example, someone may know that being impatient is one of their not-so-nice traits, and refuse to work on it in the name of self love and acceptance.

Friends, this is what we call self sabotage.

Do you get where I’m going with this?

Calling out Self hate

Some people out there don’t understand that self love and acceptance comes with improving yourself. Just because you don’t accept a bad trait of yours doesn’t mean that you hate yourself. No.

Not accepting a bad trait means that you see that there’s room for improvement. This is in fact a facet of self love, as it only seeks to improve and not settle for less…

So, what I’m essentially trying to say is: don’t be afraid to call yourself out!

If you observe a certain trait of yours that isn’t the best, call yourself out on it! There’s always room for improvement, guys. Don’t settle for less, especially when it comes to your self improvement. Be the best version of yourself you can possibly be!

Let me use myself as an example.

Last week, I was talking to a friend about how stressed I was, juggling all the things in my life. I lamented about the fact that time moves so fast that I barely get anything done.

As I lamented, something dawned on me: I’m horrible at time management. Procrastination is my bestie!

I tried to brush this thought away, because how could I be the problem? There are simply not enough hours in a day!

See the lies I tell myself…

After my little self rant, I decided that it was time for a change, and boy, did I change!

The switch up

At that moment, I switched up on myself and began to call out all my shortcomings one by one. I was honestly shocked, not gonna lie, but it sorta felt good to point out my inadequacies.

I started intentionally working on improving my time management. I picked up habits I’d stopped along the way such as having a to do list and bedtime, and in less than a week, I had seen a significant change.

Now, from my story, we can all see that calling yourself out will only lead to self improvement, which is essentially self love.

Note that I’m not saying that you should call yourself out on things you cannot change. If you think your forehead is big (like people say mine is), there’s not much you can do about it, so all you can do is accept it. If you think that you’re a master procrastinator and that’s holding you back, feel free to call yourself out. That’s something you can work on.

Guys, in this life of ours, we should always seek to improve ourselves. Wake up every morning with the intention of being better than you were the day before and work on it. The only way we can be better is if we do better, and the only way we can do better is if we push ourselves to do so.

Calling yourself out is the push you need to be better, so don’t be afraid. Just do it!

Thanks for reading!

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9 replies on “Don’t Be Afraid to Call Yourself Out!”

I totally agree with this!!!!
🤣I have trouble calling myself out because I normally don’t think about my problems

I have so much going on around me I forget to sit down with myself and actually get to know more about me

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Sometimes life takes over and we forget to get to know ourselves better, which is weird because we’re literally with ourselves 24/7 365😂😂😂
Try allocate some time to yourself even if it’s just 5 mins a day and do some self analysis. It really helps.

Plus think about it, if you don’t work on improving yourself, you won’t improve on doing the things that keep you so busy.
In order for them to thrive, you also need to thrive🤗🤗

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‘procrastination is my bestfriend’… I guess we share a bestfriend😹. I’ve never actually called myself out before but I’ll try and give you feedback 🤔👌🏾

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