• The Effects of Childhood
    Do we ever take time to think about how our childhood has influenced our adulthood? What experiences shaped the way we think or the habits we have?
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Call Yourself Out!
    Where do we draw the line between self love and self sabotage?
  • You Don’t Always Have to be ‘Strong’
    Last week, your girl was going through IT!! Fortunately, I learned a few life changing lessons. Read to find out more.
  • Help! I’m a Miser! (Well, Sort of)
    Most people struggle with spending too much money, which is quite normal. I, on the other hand, struggle with spending too little. Weird right? Click the title to find out more about my weird habits…
  • Don’t Let Your Positivity Blind You
    Nowadays, positivity is preached in every inspirational piece. Yes, it’s great to live positively, but how far is too far?
  • Learning to Love Your Imperfections
    We all have imperfections, be it on the inside or out, and living in a world that always strives for perfection makes it hard to accept and appreciate them.